Thursday, February 16, 2012

Been a busy week.

Brown had a new thermostat fitted which saw an improvment in warming up. The heaters felt warmer as well. The temperature gauge starting playing up so I ordered a new sender. Since then the temperature gauge started working again. The odometer has also been playing up so I'm on the lookout for a replacement speedometer. I might try to get hold of one at the Triumph spares day at Stoneleigh. I took Brown to the local TSSC meeting this Tuesday and apart from a high tickover the car performed flawlessly. I'm really enjoying this car now and I'm planning on going to work in it tomorrow. I might have to swap the carbs to cure the tickover problem.

Becky II has been feeling a bit twitchy at the front at motorway speeds so last night I retorqued the suspension arm and anti-roll bar bolts as these had been worked on for the MoT. The car now feels much better than it did before. The slipping clutch is getting worse so I've bought a clutch kit via eBay and as soon as that arrives I'll get it fitted at the earliest opportuity. Becuase I had new suspension arms fitted the tracking will need doing but I'll leave that until after the clutch is replaced because the suspension arms will be coming off again when I do the clutch.

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