Sunday, February 05, 2012


Brown the Dolomite 1850 has finally been revived. The battery was put on charge, the earth terminal was cleaned up and I refitted the Newtronic to no avail. I reinstated the points and condesnsor and set the static timing with the help of a tesp lamp which I made from stuff that I had in the garage (indicator bulb holder, speaker wire and some insulating tape). Ther were a few minor problems but I got everything in place and I was ready to start the car up. The moment of truth came when I turned the key. Lo and behold Brown fired up instantly on the button. The only other thing I needed to do was to inflate the rear tyres and a quick road test showed that all was well. I rewarded Brown with £10 worth of unleaded which extinguished the fuel warning light. With Brown running again I can get the Citroen AX out of the garage for when I need to replace the clutch in Becky II. Talking of which, that particular car will be going in for the MoT repairs and retest this coming Tuesday so the clutch will have to wait a bit longer.

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