Friday, February 03, 2012

Halfway to the next oil change

I've decided to start changing the engine oil on Becky II every 3000 miles (as recommended by the Guru) and now I'm halfway there to the next one at 91500 miles. I've bought a Unipart oil filter via eBay for less than £4 (including the postage) so I'll just need to get some fresh oil and I'm set for the next oil change.

Blue will need to be in a saleable condition so I'll need to get this car fit to pass another MoT. The fuel line needs sorting out one way or another. If I could get the use of a compressor then I could blow compressed air through the fuel line to clear it. The brakes will be easy enough to sort out but at least one of the sills will need welding. There's also the valve clearances to adjust.

Brown has had the battery recharged in readiness for another attempt at geting the car running.

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