Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The big stuff is out of the way

Becky II's road tax is due at the end of this month so I've renewed it online. I debated over whether to get 6 months so it doesn't fall due at the same time as the insurance and MoT. I decided to get 12 months because in 6 months time I might not be able to afford to do it (the joys of temping!). This means that I've got all the big stuff out of the way and I'm even spoilt for choice for which car to drive now that they're both running fine. I can concentrate on the enjoyment of these cars. I've started to sort out my club memberships (I had to let them lapse due to unemployment and the associated lack of funds) and I'm hoping to attend some shows this year. I only managed a couple last year.These are the ones I plan on attending:

Stoneleigh (this coming Sunday)
Bronte Vintage Gathering
Northern Dolly Day (at Harewood House, Leeds)

These will be dependent upon my employment status (or lack of it!)

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