Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wheely good bargain part 2

Here are the wheels and after a pressure wash and the application of some "Wonder Wheels" they looked a lot better. Just need to paint the segments, replace 2 of the tyres and once I've got the correct nuts they can go on Snowdrop. Talking of which, the road tax is due and I've noticed that it has gone up to £120. The government are right thieving bar-stewards! It should be free! Anyway, the deed is done, my bank account is lighter and Snowdrop remains road legal. I had a look at the Sprint in Hull and it is pretty much complete, needs some welding on all the jacking points and the bottom of on of the front wings but seems otherwise sound. The interior is smart and clean. I reckon a good service would revive this car. I just need to transport it back from Hull. Can anybody help me?

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