Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wheely good bargain

At the local TSSC meeting last week I was offered a set of Dolomite Sprint alloys for £40 three of which had good tyres so I decided to have them and I picked them up last night. The guy who was selling them had bought them for his Spitifre 1500 but ended up getting a set of Minilites which was the reason for selling the Sprint alloys. They need a good clean (still got some Wonder Wheels left from when I cleaned up the wheels on my Sprint) and one wheel needs the segments painting (got enough black Hammerite smooth left) but I reckon I've got a bargain. They're better than the ones that were on my Sprint. I'll need to get the nuts which will cost me the same again but it's not worth skimping on such a critical item.

On a slightly better note, I've come across a Dolomite Sprint which might be a good replacement for my late lamented Sprint. At £200 it is worth a punt and I've spoken to the owner and it sounds like it doesn't need much work to get it back on the road. With the Easter holidays coming up I should be able to go and view the car. If I get this car I'll be doing the Round Britain Run in it so I could get my co-driver (Brian) to do the work. He'll get it roadworthy no problem and he's got a garage with everything he needs.

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