Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Not at all good...

Baby Blue has turned up at a local breakers. I only found out when I went onto the Triumph Dolomite Club forum and saw a thread about it. I was shocked! I must admit that I haven't been to where I was keeping the car. I have my suspicions as to who was behind this. Isn't there laws against this? She was taken away without my knowledge or permission.

On a not much brighter note my insurers have offered me £900 for my Dolomite Sprint but they won't let me keep the salvage. Looks like I'm gonna have to fight them on this one. Whoever said that "the only way to depreciate a Dolly Sprint is to write it off" was right.

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Anonymous said...

Dave, sorry to read of your continued bad luck, chin up mate im sure things will get better, especially with summer coming! Ash.