Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A stroke of luck

Last night I went to the TSSC meeting in South Yorkshire which was the perfect opportunity to put some motorway miles on Brown. The area organiser, Tony has a TR7 engined Dolomite Sprint and he offered me some of his surplus parts (he had a donor Sprint which he'd broken) so after the meeting I went to his place and came away with a complete front suspension, a set of Goodridge front brake hoses and enough shock absorber bottom bushes for 2 cars. I'd have taken more stuff if he could've found more of what I needed. I've offered to help him sell his parts through the Triumph Dolomite Club and he's offered me half of whatever I can help him sell. Brown didn't miss a beat last night but the car is still a bit twitchy at the front so I'm hoping this replacement suspension will sort it all out. Time will tell...

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