Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Brake pads replaced

The brake pads needed replacing again. They were done less than 2 months ago. At first I suspected the nearside caliper pistons were still sticking so I did that side first. I pushed the pistons in and put my foot on the brake pedal and repeated the process several times just to make sure the pistons had freed up. I did the same thing on the offside and to my surprise the wear on all the pads were quite even. I then realised that it must have been my use of the brakes going down steep hills must have caused the pads to wear so quickly. I also suspect that I might not have bedded the pads in properly. I will endeavour to bed the pads in preoperly this time. After the last pad changed I noticed a squealing sound. There are shims fitted but the don't seem to help. When I fitted the new pads I sprayed some copper grease on the back of the pads and this has prevented any squealing. I filled up with petrol this morning after I finished work and I've averaged just over 25 mpg. I've been montoring fuel consumption and I've been getting mid-20s mpg. Brown has been drinking supermarket 95 RON unleaded. (I did try a tank of Esso 95 RON unleaded but I don't think there was any difference) The last thing I did was to wash Brown and when I've finished updating this Blog I'll be getting some sleep by which time the exhaust manifold will have cooled down enought for me to be able to cure the blowing that is still there.

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