Monday, June 29, 2009

Replacment parts bought.

Brown had been running like a bag of spanners. No. 3 cylinder wasn't sparking so the first thing I did was swap the HT leads (I had a spare set) next I thought the distributor cap was faulty and when that didn't cure the problem I replaced the rotor arm. That didn't work either so I removed the distributor and lo and behold the points gap had closed up. I set the points gap, put everything back together and it has cured the problem. I'll need to do some road testing to make sure I've cured it.

On another positive note I ordered a head gasket set for Blue from Champion and I picked it up today costing me £18. I just need to get Brian to fit it as soon as he can do it. Blue's tax disc has run out so I decided to renew the tax. £125 a year is ridiculous for a 26 year old car but it is better to stay legal. The MoT is also due so Brian can do a pre-MoT check at the same time and hopefully, Blue will pass.

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