Saturday, June 20, 2009

Exhaust finally sorted

The exhaust was still blowing at the mainfold/downpipe joint and rather than using exhaust putty I decided to sort it out properly by tightening up the nuts. For this I needed a deep 9/16" socket which I didn't have. After trying a couple of branches of Halfords and a couple of motor factors I ended up buying a set of Imperial deep sockets from my local Machine Mart for just over a tenner. When I got home I got Brown up on wheel ramps and left the exhaust to cool down while I read the new edition of Practical Classics. When I had done I got back to the car and did up the nuts curing the blowing. I smeared some exhaust putty on the next joint down and gave the car a road test and so far it is still holding up. The clock is still keeping good time so I am now set for the show at Harewood House tomorrow.

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