Friday, January 27, 2012

MoT and insurance

I've booked Becky II's MoT for next Tuesday so I'll need to check the car over for any obvious stuff. I'll be doing the brakes now that I've ordered pads & shoes. I can change the fluid and get the handbrake adjusted at the same time. The insurance is also due so I got it renewed. When I removed Becky & Blue and told them that I live in Halifax the premuim went down to about £250 so I was able to pay for it straight off. The reason I've removed Becky & Blue from my insurance is that Becky is a spares car and is unlikely to return to the road (unless I win the lottery) and Blue is going to be put up for sale as I'll be moving home later on this year and there might not be enough room at the new place. Both these cars are on SORN so I can legally do this. Brown is still a non-starter so I'm looking at investing in brand new electronic ignition to get her running again.

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