Sunday, January 29, 2012

MoT preparation Part 2

Today I checked the front brake pads. There's plenty of meat on the pads (they're only half way down) so they don't need replacing. When I last replaced the pads I noticed that the seal in one of the calipers was leaking brake fluid so I left it. I seemed to have got worse so I decided to change the caliper. I swapped Becky's caliper over to Becky II. The job went without a single problem and it was much easier than I thought it would be. The Acclaim has a banjo type connector from the fliexihose to the caliper so once I removed the 14mm bolt it came off. Whoever designed the front caliper was a genuis because they are so easy to fix. Even easier than the Fiesta I had to do earlier on this week. I bled the air out of the replacement caliper, put some more air in the front tyres and took the car for a quick road test. When I was doing the brakes I treated any areas of rust with some Kurust. The only other thing I can do is to check the car over and make sure everything is working correctly. Last year I was caught out by a faulty bulb so I won't repeat that mistake this year.

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Harry said...

I was caught out with a faulty bulb at my last MOT service too. The only fault found as well, taking extra care this year to make sure everything is all good.