Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Time for the service.

I was able to get the service done on Becky II after I'd picked up the air and oil filters from Champion Motor Spares. The service went without any major problems. One of the HT leads got damaged when I was replacing the spark plugs but a quick rummage in the garage soon turned up a usuable one which will see me through until they need replacing. I still managed to spill some oil though when I was filling up. I've seen a spout in my local Wilkinson which is perfect for filling up with engine oil without any spillages so I'm definitely getting one for the next oil change. With my daily commute to York (a 90 mile round trip each day) I will be reaping the benefits and my fuel consumption should improve with fresh engine oil, new oil filter, a clean air filter and brand new spark plugs.

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