Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The end at last.

The saga is finally over. I've got Snowdrop back and it has cost me over £600 in addition to what I spent on parts. The problems didn't end there. When I left the garage I ran out of petrol at the first set of traffic lights. I was able to freewheel to somewhere and park her up and go fetch Becky to get some petrol. Priming the fuel system took some doing but I get Snowdrop running again and I left her and got my mate to take me back down after I'd dropped Becky off and all was fine once again. The tracking will need adjusting but it will be fine until I can get it set properly.

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vitessesteve said...

You do seem to have majored on the tribulations of Triumph ownership of late. I hope you will get some more positive experience now!