Friday, October 13, 2006

Testing times part 13

The saga continues...

It turns out that the master cylinder I robbed off the Toledo leaks where the brake line screws in. That means it is useless. My next plan of action is to rob the one off the spares 1500 which is even older! If that doesn't work then I'm gonna have to take advantage of Rimmer's 14.89% off sale (equivalent to them paying the VAT) and order a brand new one for £60. I've also enquired about fixing the my mate's Laguna which I damaged in an accident last week. I've ended up having to buy it off him. If the inner wing can be repaired then I can just replace the rest of the parts because they all bolt on. There are plenty of Lagunas in the scrapyards at this time so I reckon it can be worth repairing.

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