Thursday, October 12, 2006

Testing times part 12

I went back to the garage on Monday to be told that the brake master cylinder was still leaking. Aparently the bore is too worn and replacement is the only option. After a bit of ringing round and getting a few prices I ended up taking the master cylinder off the Toledo. I think that the money I've saved by robbing bits off it has covered the cost of that car! All being well, Snowdrop should be ready to roll with a fresh MoT. It isn't all bad though!

Mileage has been kept down.
Wear and tear is minimal.
It has cost me nothing in petrol.
Plenty of new parts, hard work and TLC has been lavished on her.
I've had 5 weeks of free dry warm storage.
The next MoT will be October 2007 instead of September 2007.

Greg commented on how good a starter she was. This is testament to my regular servicing and tuning. (as well as a new battery and reconditioned alternator)

Hopefully the end is now in sight. We shall see...

Watch this space!

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