Saturday, October 07, 2006

Testing times part 11

I went to the garage and Snowdrop still isn't ready. Greg did show me where he'd done the welding which was just on the sills. Both front jacking points had to be plated and he said that the front wings at the bottom had just rusted away but he's done a good job and if the quality of the welding he did on Becky last year is any thing to go by it should last for a long time to come. There's just the brakes to finish off and the front wheel tracking to adjust and she'll be done. He's promised me he'll have Snowdrop ready for Monday. This meant I had to go to my RBRR stop in Becky. Apart from the wind it was a great night and things went quite well. It was good to put faces to names and to catch up with others who I already knew and met. The next best thing to doing the run itself and I was doing the Club Triumph a service.

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