Monday, October 23, 2006

More fun and games

I finally got Snowdrop's front wheel alignment properly adjusted costing me £10. After that it was fresh oil and a filter. This was followed by a run along Snake Pass. All was well until after some 80mph motorway cruising when she wasn't quite running right for a while. Snowdrop performed perfectly after this little "hiccup". She obviously doesn't like motorways. Perhaps a carb rebuild could be on the cards at some point. The exhaust sounded like it was blowing again and when I started up this morning I decided to have a quick look. It was a good job I did because I noticed some liquid underneath the car. I couldn't tell what it was because it was before sunrise and it was raining so I touched it with my finger. It was engine oil so I immediately turned the engine off noting that the oil pressure light had come on. Had the sump nut come off? It turned out that the new oil filter had worked loose causing oil to eascape. I tightened up the filter and put what was left of my oil into the sump and started up. Fortunately the oil light went out so I carefully made my way to the nearest 24-hour petrol station and bought 5 litres of 20W/50 engine oil and topped up. I was lucky I didn't damage the engine and Snowdrop seems to be none the worse for it. Getting back to the exhaust, it turned out that it was blowing at the downpipe-to-centre section joint so after work I went to my local trusty tyre fitter who fixed it for only £2 which included a new clamp.

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