Monday, April 02, 2007

Another job well done! While I was waiting for the paint to dry in the sun I cleaned and adjusted the rear brakes and the handbrake is better now. I also filled in a couple of cracks in the exhaust downpipe with some exhaust putty. I reckon I might have to get the MIG out if my handiwork doesn't hold up. I also had Snowdrop up on the ramps to fill in some holes on her exhaust. The next day I managed to improve Snowdrop's handbrake. One of the cables wasn't routed correctly. Once it was rerouted the handbrake was better. I also adjusted the brake shoes. The problem I had with the offside headlight has now affected the nearside one! It was suffering from a bad earth before but it has now failed completely so Becky's been put back into daily use until I can fix it.
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