Friday, April 27, 2007

Latest progress...

I got the following jobs done:

Changed the engine oil.
Changed the oil filter.
Fitted new ignition leads.

I've got a distributor cap and rotor arm on order and they should be ready tomorrow. When I do oil changes I use a Triumph Spitfire sump to catch the old oil. On this ocassion it was overflowing causing me to spill oil (much to the distress of my mum) I've never seen so much oil come out. It must have been overfilled. It certainly pays to change the oil when the condition (and quantity) is unknown! I ended up getting some sand and put it down where I'd spilt the oil. I also tried checking the timing but the timing light wouldn't work on No. 1 ignition lead. Trying it on another lead revealed why the car was running like a bag of spanners. The disributor cap and rotor arm aren't producing electrical power to all the spark plugs. Once I've got my replacement parts tomorrow the problem should be solved.

We shall see...

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