Saturday, April 28, 2007

Damn it!

Things didn't go at all well toady. The new battery went flat and then when I fitted the new dizzy cap and rotor arm Project Blue wouldn't start. I fitted the leads, distributor cap and rotor arm on Becky and she started up fine. I just don't understand it! I've checked for fuel delivery and it is getting through. I'm gonna put the battery on charge tonight and hopefully it will be fine. I tried bleeding some more brake fluid on the OS rear wheel cylinder. Unfortunately, the one-man bleed hose is past it. I'm susre I've got another sone somewhere. I've gotta do Snowdrop's clutch now she's entered for Club Triumph's Historic Counties Run. (HCR) I'll need to get some more Castrol Valvemaster as I'm running a bit low. Becky will be the backup car for this one. Everything I touch seems to break just lately. I'm still doing this on my laptop. Fortunately I've sourced an identical motherboard on eBay so that means I can just swap it. I can get a replacement PSU for less than a tenner so I think I might be turning the corner.

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