Monday, May 07, 2007

Some progress made

First I'll let you know how the HCR went.

Snowdrop performed fine despit the low biting point on the clutch. I only visited 3 of the places out of 9. We had to find a pit board and couldn't find any. Because of this messing about it cost us time and after leaving the 3rd place we realized that we wouldn't have time to visit any more so it was back to the Manor in Fillongley for the breakfast. Apart from not visitng as many places as hoped it was enjoyable. The only bit of motorway we did was the M42 from junction 1 to junction 6 on the way back to Fillongley. My favourite bit of road was the A5 from Bangor to Bewts-y-coed.

I've just been working on Project Blue and I manged to get her running again. I rechecked the ignition timing and even watched No. 4 exhaust valve (visible when the oil filler cap is removed) and it was spot on. I removed & regapped the spark plugs. Still nothing. I refitted the old spark plugs and the car ran! Isn't that strange? Now I'm having fuel problems because there's none coming through now.

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