Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Been spending

I've been doing more spending of money than work on the cars. Unfortunately, my Sprint didn't end up on the Triumph Dolomite Club stand at the Restoration Show at Stoneleigh so I wasn't able to do the wheels. I did manage to get hold of a replacement clock. I had to buy a dashboard for £5 (which turned out to be from a Triumph 2000 Mk2) which had a clock. I fitted the clock and it works. The clock is a tad too slow but they can be adjusted. I bought a handbook for the Sprint (£4), a data booklet for the Acclaim (£2.50 - never seen one before. It is smaller than the handbook), a chrome passenger door mirror for the Sprint (£16) and the top bit of the gear knob for the Sprint. (£6) I didn't really need it but a brand new one does look a whole lot better. On the drive down to Coventry I was averaging between 30-35mpg with a boot full of tools and the back seat full of regalia so I'm happy with fuel consumption.

The jobs remaining are:
Fit the mirror.
Clean up the wheels and repaint the segments.
Sort out the gearbox end of the speedo cable as it's held on with a cable tie and my speedometer flickers.
Adjust the clock.
Clean the engine bay.
Replace the rear gearbox mount.

Snowdrop is for sale to raise funds for putting Becky back on the road. Becky will need the following jobs doing for starters:

Fit some carbs. I've still got Projcet Blue's carb so I might give them a try.
Sort out the blowing exhaust.
Find that exhaust clamp.
A couple of areas will need a patch.
The nearside front wing needs replacing.
The CD player will have to be refitted. I took it out to fit in Project Blue but I'm loath to remove Project Blue's original radio/cassette.
The rear arches need rubbing down and respraying.

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