Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Even more niggles fixed.

Well just a couple. I replaced a couple of bulbs. The one for the (non-working) clock and the boot light. After I got home I had a look at my interior light bulb and realized that the filament had become detached at one end and a gentle tap would make the bulb work so that's another bulb to replace. When I said that the clock wasn't working I can hear it ticking but the second hand doesn't move. I wish I could get inside and find out what's up with it. Looks like a replacement clock could be on the cards. I also moved the indicator/sidelight units so that the sidelights were on the outside. This may seem picky but I like to have the car in original spec but on the other hand I don't mind the odd mod or two (such as the electronic ignition or the stainless steel exhaust) if it improves the car without detracting too much from the originality.

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