Friday, October 12, 2007


I finally had something happen with Project Blue. The alternator belt had been squealingfor a few days and I was hoping to deal with it at the weekend (my tools are in Snowdrop's boot) but last night on my way to Anita's (where Snowdrop is parked) Project Blue, instrument lights were dimmer than normal and the wipers were slow. This pointed to a discharged battery. I made it to Anita's and when I popped the bonnet I saw that the alternator belt had worn and was slipping. This explained why the battery was discharging. It was because the alternator wasn't able to charge the battery enough. It was about 8.00pm and I knew of a motor factor that was still open so I got Snowdrop started with a bit of difficulty and managed to get a replacement belt. I had no indicators, wipers or heaters but the headlights were working so I was able to use the car. Because of the faults on this car (probably due to lack of recent use) and the fact that the MoT is almost due I think I'll probably sell this car. I've been wanting to get another Triumph since I got my redundancy money and I know of a decent Dolomite 1850HL that I want but something has to go and Snowdrop will be the one to go.

Watch this space.

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