Wednesday, October 17, 2007

MoT work neded

As expected Snowdrop failed the MoT. Apart from the front wheel bearings and a couple of front suspension bushes (I should've Polybushed the front suspension) it is mostly welding. I was given a figure of around £450 which is quite a bit less than last year. My initial reaction was to sell the car and buy another Dolomite but since sleeping on it I've decided to get the work done. I can afford it and as an enthusiast (idiot?) I'm doing it for love and not money. If it were a 10-15 year old Eurobox I'd get rid of it but it is a 30 year old Triumph and they do need preserving. Once the welding is done I'm gonna invest in some Waxoyl (or similar) to preserve the car. If I get a small compressor I can do the rest of my fleet as well. That would be money well spent. Once that's all out of the way I can then move on to Becky. She needs some welding and then when she's got another MoT she can be rustproofed as well.

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