Friday, October 26, 2007

Getting ready to do more...

I've bought some wet-and-dry paper to do the alloys on the Sprint. I'll start off with some 220 grit and finish off with some 1000 grit then I can repaint the centre with some black Hammerite smooth and the job should be a good 'un.
I've had a call from the garage saying that Snowdrop will be ready to collect at 5.00 today witha fresh MoT. The final price was £400 which wasn't too bad and cheaper than last year. Once this car is sold then I can move on to getting Becky back on the road. This will be the subject for a Triumph World article and will also be documented here and in club publications.
I just don't have enough space for 5 Triumphs. I really should be getting rid of another Triumph but I won't scrap any (done that too many times!) or sell them as spares cars. If they're on the road when I sell then so much the better.

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