Monday, October 22, 2007

More niggles fixed.

With the parts liberation I forgot to mention the Sprint.

Yesterday the Triumph Dolomite Club were having a Dolomite spares day at Rimmer Bros who were offering discounts on Dolomite parts. This was the ideal opportunity to obtain some bits for my Sprint. Once again my Sprint didn't miss a beat on the way there and back. On the way there I stopped at Doncaster services on the M18 and I replaced one of the door locking knobs which was damaged. When I got there I noticed a green Sprint with a familiar number plate. I was right. It was the one that belongs to Tony Wilkins who was my co-driver on the 2006 HCR and he knew about the event. His Sprint although an N registration like mine is a 1974 car and next to his mine was running quieter. There was a tour of the warehouse which gave us an insight to what goes on at Rimmer Bros. On the tour there was plenty of Rover SD1 stuff. They reckon that with their big purchase of SD1 parts from India they have enough parts to keep Rover SD1s on the road forever. (almost!) They don't just buy up stocks of parts but they also break cars and rescue as much as possible from them.
Anyway, I didn't buy much. I ended up getting a pair of secondhand grab handles for only £5. There are left and right handed one and they only had right handed ones but they can be cannibalised.
When I got back I fitted the grab handles. One of the window winders had the handle missing so I replaced it with a spare I had. Next job will be to move the sidelight/indicator units so that the sidelights are on the outside. I'll also be sorting out the interior light as it doesn't work on all the doors when they open. Probably just dodgy connections on the door switches.

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