Monday, October 15, 2007


At last! Snowdrop is now useable and with a couple of days spare before the MoT runs out. In my last post I was thinking of selling this car but I'll see what in needs for the MoT before I make a decision.
Anyway, back to the story (in the words of Ronnie Corbett) I was able to borrow a van from work on Saturday and collect the axle from Liverpool. The guy wanted some Toledo parts so I was able to deliver them at the same time. I sold him the doors, a side window and the rear bumper making myself £35. Having made a bit more room in the shed I decided to paint the rear axle in there where it would be sheltered from the elements and be able to dry overnight. The next day I got the axle fitted. It was time consuming but I got there in the end. When I came to bleed the brakes the bleed nipple sheared off. I had come across a brand new brake cylinder when I was searching for my collection of nuts & bolts so I was able to turn it up fairly quickly and fit it. The electrical gremlins were traced to the fusebox so once again a root round my box of spares turned up the Toledo's fusebox and after a bit of wirebrushing it was fitted and all the electrics were working once again. I had also bought some exhaust putty to fill a hole in the exhaust but I can still hear it blowing somewhere. If I get Snowdrop throught the MoT I might invest in a stainless steel exhaust. I'm also thinking about getting some Dolomite Sprint alloys. One of my Dolomite friends called me and he's got some among his collection of Dolomite spares having recently sold his Dolomite Sprint. (I wanted that car!)
For the MoT I'll use the same garage I used for Project Blue. Hopefully the stuff it failed on last year won't fail this time round and I hope it will cost a lot less. We shall see...

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