Monday, June 16, 2008

Exhausting part 2

The maifold joint started blowing again so on Friday evening I removed the carbs, (for better access) undid the joint, smeared LOTS of exhaust paste both sides of the manifold gasket and put it back together. I was at the West Yorkshire TSSC meeting on Tuesday and I was talking to Mik one of my Triumph friends (he races a Spitfire 1500) and told him about my exhaust woes and he advised me to use exhaust assembly paste so I followed his words of wisdom instead of Roy's. The worst part of the job was refitting the carbs but I got there. The rear section is still bowing at the joint (I didn't use any assembly paste when I fitted it) so I'll have to sort that out when I get chance. On Saturday I took Snowdrop out to Scarborough and she didn't put a foot wrong apart from a noise on the way backwhich only appeared on the overrun. It turned out to be a couple of loose wheel nuts so once they were tightened all was well. The next day was a show for Snowdrop at Harewood House where I tagged along with West Yorkshire TSSC like I did last year. The club won a prize for their stand which was just a few Triumphs, a plain beige gazebo and some banners. It's been 350 miles since I sorted out the exhaust manifold joint and it is still holding up. I think I've cured it. Just that rear section joint and for the first time Snowdrop will have a 100% leak-free exhaust.

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