Thursday, June 05, 2008

A few more things

Here's the latest:

One of the terminals on the starter motor to solenoid cable on Snowdrop broke. I ended up getting an off-the-shelf cable from my local Motosave costing me just over £3 and it fitted perfectly as well as solving the problem. I'm still trying to quieten my rear section of exhaust and I've resigned myself to getting it welded. I dug out my timing light last night and checked the timing and I retarded it to about 12-13 deg BTDC and it has made a difference. There is now a bit more power and it runs better. The car starts better and it doesn't run-on when I turn the ignition off. I finally got a response from the DVLA about the keeper history. I now have the name of the first registered keeper, the name of the dealer who supplied the car (Cox of Keighley) and I found out that Snowdrop is still on the original engine.

Last week one of the local kids smashed Becky's rear window. One of the dads (I'll call him Spen) has offered his help and even searched high and low for a replacement glass. I managed to get hold of one from the Acclaim Guru and Spen is not only going to help me fit it but he's gonna help me get this car back on the road so it is a blessing in disguise.

Nothing new with Blue. I might need to change the fuel filter but other than that she's running fine.

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