Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Photos of the "Dales Bramble"

Just thought I'd write about the "Dales Bramble" that took place on Saturday. This first pic was at the start from the Pendle & Pennine meeting venue (the Old Stone Trough in Kelbrook) there were 6 of us in 4 cars.

By the time we got here we'd lost one of the Spits back at Hawes where we'd stopped for a "comfort break". We didn't go the the Wensleydale cheese factory but I've already been there a couple of times so I wasn't bothered. It was quite enjoyable and we had a few stops at Jervaulx Abbey (good food in the tearoom), Masham and Fountains Abbey. I quite liked the straight roads and the single track roads. Snowdrop was the right car to take on this run. The exhaust had let go near Grimwith Reservoir but I was able to carry on and peeled off at Bolton Abbey and made my way back home without further incident.


Kevin said...

Hi I'm considering buying a Triumph Toledo, basically i wondered if you could give me a bit of infor with regard fuel economy, hwat MPG do you get, how much additive (i'm asumming you use an additive in unleaded....)



Toledo Man said...

Fuel economy is good (average 35+ mpg) I'd recomend using an additive such as Castrol Valvemaster or Millers VSP. The additive will have instructions as to how much you need to add to your fuel. If you drive gently you can get away with using unleaded. The permanent solution is to fit hardened valve seats but this will cost money. The best thing about these sort of cars is that you can fix them with your own hands.

Hope this helps.