Monday, June 09, 2008


I went down to Lincolnshire yesterday to pick up the exhaust rear section (from Roy the same guy I got the carbs from) and it was as described. Well worth it. I clocked up a total of 250 miles in Blue and despite losing a bit of power a few times the journey was trouble free. I'd already put some Redex in the tank when I filled up so that may have solved any remaining problems with the fuel system. When I got back I changed Blue's coolant and then I moved on to replace Snowdrop's exhaust rear section. The exhaust is still not leak-free because it is blowing at the manifold. Roy did impart to me some words of wisdom on the subject. I could either use bathroom sealant (still got some left from when I did the Sprint's windscreen) or lithium-based grease instead of assembly paste so I'll gave the bathroom sealant a try. Roy said he'd done the sealant on his and it has remained leak-free to this day. I balanced the carbs and there is more power. The front carb was sticking but a bit of carb cleaner has hopefully freed it. That blowing manifold gasket doesn't help though...

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