Saturday, June 07, 2008

Good and bad news

The guy who sold me the carbs for Snowdrop sent me a linkage along with an original throttle cable so the linkage is now as it should be. I adjusted the ignition timing back to 10 deg BTDC as the car was pinking under load after my previous timing adjustment. I removed the rear exhaust section and welded it up as best I could (I'm still a crap welder) but during today's "Dales Bramble" (a run out in the Yorkshire Dales) the rear exhaust section let go. The car is still drivable but I need a new section of exhaust as I have nothing suitable in my spares collection. I have sourced a replacement so I should be back up and running soon.

The DVLA have sent me a reminder for Blue's tax. Why can't the Government reintroduce the rolling date for free road tax? One thing worse than paying tax is not paying it. My new arrival (when I get it) will cost me nothing to tax (the reason why I was interested in the car in the first place)

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