Friday, July 18, 2008

Been on eBay...

I've bid for a few stuff on eBay for my Dolomites. I've bid on a bottom radiator hose for Snowdrop's radiator upgrade, a job lot of badges for my 1850 as it has 1978 badges when it should have 1972 badges (don't ask why) and an inner headlight also for the 1850. I've bid my maximum price so if I get outbid then so be it.

Snowdrop's gearbox is nearly ready to come off. Just need to remove the transmission tunnel, disconnect the propshaft, disconnect the reversring light switch and remove the clutch slave cylinder. To aid removal I've undone one of the engine mountings. I might undo the other side so's I can get some more clearance from the subframe.

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