Friday, July 11, 2008

More progress...

I finished putting the alternator mounting bolt on and get the belt tensioned. I tightene up one of the exhaust manifold nuts. (the other has me beat for the time being) I found out why the starter wouldn't turn. One of the inhibitor connections had come off so once it was back on the starter worked again (only with the selector in N) and the car fired up. It was still blowing (only one nut on the manifold joint, remember) but there was smoke coming out of the exhaust. Defintely not oil so I assume it is stale petrol and condensation. I'll need to add some fresh petrol at some point. The engine warmed up and apart from the blowing exhaust there aren't any nasty noises. When the selector was in P the car tried to move backwards so the selector needs further adjustment.

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