Sunday, July 20, 2008

Clutch job done

I mange to crack on and get Snowdrop's clutch plate fitted. This time I manage to refit the gearbox on my own. The last time I did this not all of the bolt holes were lined up and I suspect that caused the plate to fail in such a short space of time. No such problems this time and I was able to get full set of bolts together so my gearbox is bolted on correctly. Using the proper alignment tool probably helped getting the gearbox back on as well as the input shaft went in without any major problems. I just need to rewire my CD player as my previous power wire was really just a temporary measure and easy enough to sort out.

I was outbid on the headlight unit but while I was at the Bradford Classic I saw the Acclaim Guru (he had is MK1 2.5PI estate there) and he might have a suitable headlight unit for my Dolomite 1850. There's still the brake pads to fit as this job has been put back by Snowdrop's clutch failure.

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