Thursday, April 23, 2009

More ignition parts replaced

I picked up the cap, condensor and rotor arm from Champion this morning. While I was there I decided to get some spark plugs. The ignition parts were fitted. I replaced the front carb mount with my best spare one. I'd been swapping this one a few times so I now have the best ones on the car and I've ditched the rest. The plugs were gapped before I fitted them but the condensor was a pain to fit. I ended up taking the distributor out to fit it and I set the points gap at the same time. When I replaced it that's when the problems started. Brown wouldn't start and even backfired a few times. The first time was the worst because it sounded like a gun had gone off. The next door neighbour was crying with laughter but he came to my aid when I'd run the battery down because he lent me his battery charger to top up the battery. I refitted the old parts to no avail and ended up putting the new ones back in but I left the old consdenser as it so bloody fiddly because there's no room to work on it being next to the inlet manifold. After taking the distributor out a couple of more times it dawned on me that I'd been putting it back in slightly wrong. When I fitted it in the right position and set the static timing the car fired up straight away. The ignition timing was checked with the strobe light and adjusted. Performance on the road is even better. I was able to overtake a couple of cars (not at once!) and I left a brand new Toyota (it was on a 09 plate) for dead. Who needs a Sprint? The 1850 (even with an automatic) is certainly the next best thing. Today's grief has been worth it as I achieved what I set out to do and the car is so much better for it. The car will up to the job of Drive It Day on Sunday and the local TSSC group are having a run out to Eden Camp Museum so that'll be a nice run out. I might have my new tie bar bushes delivered & fitted by then. Anyway, the car's running fine now.

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