Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rebushing the front suspension

The Super Flex bushes I'd ordered from Chris Witor arrived in the post today so they were fitted at the soonest opportunity. I was expecting the job to be difficult but it went better than I'd expected. One of the tie bars had started to wear where it had come into contact with the subframe but as the new bushes cover that part entirely (unlike the rubber ones) it won't be a problem. While it hasn't transformed that car it has made a noticable difference in that the knocking sound from the front suspension has been eliminated. I've yet to fit the steering column bulkhead bush so I might get an extra pair of hands as I had to do this job on Snowdrop. Fitting the bush itself is easy enough. The hard bit is disconnecting the column from the coupling and putting it back together especially if the splines are dirty and rusted up. I believe that this part of the job is easier on the adjustable steering columns. We shall see...

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