Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Repairs to Blue

As you should already know Blue has been out of action due to suspected head gasket failure. If this is the case then the head will have almost certainly have warped. I've had two people who have said this. One has had it happen to him 5 times and the other being the Acclaim Guru so I will gladly go along with this. Champion have quoted me £18 for a head gasket set but the real cost will be getting the head skimmed. I was at a local TSSC meeting last night and got talking to a guy in Huddersfield who builds replica Le Mans Spitifres (he was featured in a recent edition of Triumph World) who knows somebody who can skim the head for a resaonable price. It didn't sound too labour intensive so I might be able to get Blue sorted out without too much trouble. I'll need to plan this to minimise downtime especially if I get my mate Brian to fit the head gasket.

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