Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Steering column bush

I got it fitted today. It was a bit easier than before but I was struggling with getting the steering column back into the coupling. The end of the column is splined and there's a groove where the pinch bolt fits to stop the column from coming out of the coupling and this needs to be lined up to be able to get the bolt back in. I ended up getting my next door neighbour to give me a hand and with his help we got it sorted out very quickly. This has improved the steering and eliminated the free play which would be another MoT failure item. I hope that come MoT time this car will pass or the failure list will be very small. Another job crossed off the list. Next up will be a trip down to one of my Dolomite friends down in Birmingham who has offered any parts I need off a Dolomite that he's breaking. In return I'm delivering him a compressor pump that he bought from the guy who I'd sold the sports exhaust to. (I'd picked the pump up when I delivered the exhaust) I filled up this monring and I've worked out that I've averaged just over 24mpg since the last fill up and that was "round town" driving so I reckon Brown can do better on a long run. I'll find out tomorrow.

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