Saturday, April 04, 2009

More work done

I got 2 more jobs crossed off the list. The "AUTOMATIC" bootlid badge arrived in the post from Mick Dolphin so that was fitted at the earliest opportunity as you can see in the pic. I was able to get hold of the exhaust mounting rubbers from Champion for £5 so I then swapped the exhaust. When I was removing the old one it was fighting me all the way. This was partly because I wanted to remove it intact as I am going to be selling it on. Fitting the standard exhaust was quite easy and it has transformed the car. It runs a LOT quieter now. The car had been running like a bag of spanners so I checked the ignition timing and it was way out. Once it was adjusted to the correct setting it was running fine. The car is a lot better now but the job is far from complete but the most important jobs have been done.

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