Thursday, April 09, 2009

Ups and downs

I had the chance to test Brown on a long distance run to Reighton Sands yesterday. (between Filey and Bridlington on the east coast) The journey there passed without event and Brown hardly missed a best. On leaving the caravan site that insecure exhaust joint came back to haunt me as I caught it on a bump. Fortunately it had just come apart so I managed to get it back together but a few miles down the road it came out again. This time I sorted it out by using a clamp from the sports exhaust that was still in the boot and some exhauist paste and it has held. Brown started running like a bag of spanners again so I set the timing, set the points and tightened a nut on the coil. I noticed that the points were pitted so I spent this morning trailing round the motor factors in Bridlington to no avail. The car was still running so I was able to get back and I called in at Champion and ordered points and condensor as they didn't have them on the shelf. I came back to pick them up and found out that the condenser wouldn't fit. After fitting the points and setting the gap I took Brown for a short road test and the car died on me. I couldn't fix it there and then so I frewheeled back home as I was downhill all the way home. The problem was a broken wire from the points to the coil and once that was fixed Brown came back to life and is now running fine. I'll have to invest in electronic ignition in the future to avoid all this grief.

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