Thursday, April 30, 2009

The trip to Birmingham

I went down to Birmingham today to get the bits from my Dolomite friend. I didn't get all the parts I wanted but I got enough parts had I had to pay for them would cost more than the petrol I used. I got the 2 middle sections of stainless steel exhaust, the horns, the carbs and the fuel pump which looked like it was fairly new. I filled up at a local Asda and I've calculated that since the previous fill up I've averaged 28mpg which is an improvement. The replacement carbs look like they're better then the ones on Brown so fuel consumption should be better still once they're fitted. When I got home I fitted the horns so I now have opriginal spec horns that work. I fitted one of the sections of exhaust but I didn't have time to fit any more parts as it was getting late and I'm back at work tonight. There's always tomorrow.

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