Monday, April 13, 2009

Today's work

I've managed to quieten the exhaust a bit more. I had to redo the rear two joints. I just undid them and reassembled them using some exhaust putty I'd bought from Halfords so my entire exhaust is now blow free execpt for somewhere at the manifold. I'm a bit puzzled becasuse I can't feel any blowing at the manifold/downpipe joint but I can defintiely hear it. Anyway, things are much improved. While the car was up on axle stands I decided to investigate a knocking that has been coming from the front suspension. When I took the front wheel off I found out what it was. The bushes for the front tie bars are worn (as you can see in the photos below) so new ones will be on my shopping list along with new front shock absorbers. Talking of which I also checked the front springs and they appear to be fine (they're in one piece) so I probably won't bother replacing them. I took a look ath the brake pads and the outer nearside one has more wear then the inner one which explains a slight pull the left when braking so yet another item on the shopping list. I'll also have to free that piston in the caliper when I do the brake pad replacement.

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